Efficient transportation is crucial in the grain industry. Our strategically positioned warehouses within our logistics network facilitate seamless shipping via truck, rail, and containers, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Truck loaded with soybeans waits in front of the grain storage center of a farm in Mato Grosso State


Within our expansive network, we work with reliable and trustworthy trucking companies that possess extensive experience in transporting certified organic products.

midwest railroad and engines in Indiana


Linwood Trading Inc. is fully equipped to transport products nationwide via rail. We maintain working relationships with all Class I railroads, ensuring coast-to-coast coverage. Utilizing rail for shipping is often the most cost-efficient method for long-distance transport, and thanks to our established connections with major rail lines, we can pass on these cost savings directly to our customers.

Aerial view of cargo ship in transit.


We are constantly growing and extending our reach at Linwood Trading Inc. Partnering with clients overseas has allowed us to establish a global presence and take advantage of international markets, enabling us to embrace opportunities across diverse regions.