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Your Premier Partner in the Organic Grain Industry

What We Do

At Linwood Trading Inc., we stand out in the organic grain industry, focusing on creating lasting business relationships and delivering exceptional service. Headquartered in Buffalo, New York, our intimate size is our strength, allowing us to create a more tailored and personal experience in every business relationship. Specializing in purchasing and distributing certified organic grains and byproducts, we serve farmers, feed manufacturers, and food processors.

Dried organic soybeans
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Our Commitment to Quality and Personalized Service

Our mission at Linwood Trading Inc. is to establish long-lasting partnerships by providing unparalleled services. Our company’s manageable size is our strength, allowing us to prioritize quality and tailor our interactions to meet the needs of each partner. Central to our business is a steadfast commitment to organic standards, transparency, and traceability.

Reliable Supply Chain for Efficient Delivery

We’ve established a robust network of partnerships nationwide, ensuring fast and reliable delivery of our products. Whether transported by truck, rail, or container, Linwood Trading Inc. and our transportation partners guarantee an efficient delivery process, allowing us to meet our customer’s timely demands. 

Why Partner with Linwood Trading Inc?

Choosing Linwood Trading Inc. means opting for a partner who values your needs. With extensive experience in the organic grain industry, we stand out for our dedication to customer satisfaction and excellence in building long-lasting and trusting relationships with producers, transportation partners, and customers. Our range of certified organic commodities, coupled with a commitment to quality, positions us as a valuable asset in the growth of your business.

We invite you to fill out our online contact form for more information or general inquiries on our services. Your journey toward a fruitful collaboration begins here!